Health insurance in Spain


A Private Health Insurance Policy here in Spain is essential.  Nothing is an important as your Health and that of your loved ones.


There can be many reasons for taking out Private Health Insurance here in Spain, some of which may be:


  • - You are not eligible for the Public National Health Service.
  • - Being able to choose a medical professional who can actually speak your language.
  • - Private Health Insurance gives you access to Private Hospitals and Doctors who are in general of a higher standard.
  • - You avoid the waiting lists that exist in the National Health system and get immediate Private treatment.
  • - Private Hospital facilities are more comfortable and will usually include a Private Room.
  • - Freedom to choose the Doctor you want to see and the facility you want to go to.


Private Health Insurance policies can provide cover for:


  • - Primary Medicine
  • - Access to Medical Specialists 
  • - Diagnostic Tests
  • - Emergency Services
  • - Hospitalization
  • - Surgical Interventions
  • - Rehabilitation


There are a few things to take into consideration when deciding which Health Insurance policy is most suitable for you.  Where do you want to be covered?  Will you just require cover here in Spain or throughout the World for the times when you are travelling out of Spain?  Do you want cover for both Outpatient and Inpatient Treatments or are you happy just to have quicker access to GP's, Specialists and Diagnostic Tests with an Outpatient Only Coverage?


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