Home insurance in spain


Right Way Insurance offers competitive Home and Contents insurance for your property in Spain with Policies especially designed for the expatriate property owner.  Whether your property is a Villa, Townhouse, Apartment or Finca, and whether it is your main residence or a holiday home it is a major investment and it is worth protecting correctly.


The Home Insurance Policies that we offer provide very comprehensive coverage and will normally include Legal Assistance and 24 hour Home Assistance Services.  Also, we will automatically include Property Owners Liability cover when we insure your Building and Personal Liability cover when we arrange cover on your Contents.


As the policies are designed with the expatriate in mind we even have Optional Covers for:



- Accidental Damage to Buildings

- Accidental Damage to Contents

- “All Risks” Cover on Specified Contents   outside of the Home

- Increased Liability Covers

- Dangerous Dog Owner Liability Cover

- Hunting Liability Cover


The services of an experienced Insurance Professional cannot be underestimated when it comes to arranging your Home Insurance.  Would you know the difference between a First Loss Basis of cover and a Total Sum Insured Basis of cover?  Or the significance of a Total Loss as opposed to a Partial Loss and not having the consequences of not having the right cover in place?  No.  Do you think your Bank does either?  Do you think that the sales person at the direct insurer will provide you the correct advice and explain the policy coverage that you need?  The answer will be No.  That is why it is important to use Insurance Professionals like ourselves when it comes to correctly arranging your Home Insurance.


The type of Buildings Insurance that you require can depend on the type of property you have and the existence of any Community Insurance Policy that may already exist on the Building or Buildings where your property in located.  Do not make the mistake of assuming that the Community Insurance Policy provides you adequate cover for your own Property.


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